Top Tips for Exhibitions and Trade Show Stands

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Read our Top Tips for Exhibitions and Trade Show Stands – So, you have decided to promote your courses at an exhibition or trade show, this can be a great way to promote how you work and what you offer. An event can be demanding and tiring but remember to smile be helpful and engage….

Here are 3 tips before you even attend the event.

  • Research the right event for you to promote your courses, services and products to your target clients/visitors of the event
  • Plan and write a comprehensive checklist getting this right will help you make sure you have everything covered and the event will be more successful download here
  • Carry out a dress rehearsal setting up your stand, know how you want it to look and how long it will take you to set up
  • Check the other stands and who is going to attend plan action and make sure you meet who will be best for your business
  • Plan how you will follow up potential new clients after the event

Now you done all your preparation and advance planning, here are other tips to make your event count, be more profitable, and even more rewarding.

Arrive there early

Setting up your stand can take a long time and you want to be ready when they open the doors

Never leave your stand unattended

Always take one or two people with you, there is nothing worse than leaving a stand unattended.

Be Engaging

Great people with a smile, be friendly and remember to promote your company/courses with enthusiasm.

Keep your checklist handy

Always good practice and helpful if you busy on the day

Dress appropriately

Make your you are dressed appropriate to how your potential clients would expect. Take layers for all temperatures, comfortable footwear you’ll be standing for a long time.

Keep your stand tidy

Make sure you stand looks appealing. No one wants to see crisp packets, dirty cups, remember your stand is your shop front so make it count, keep all your personal belongings out of site and safe

Offering sweets, cakes etc

If you decide to offer something for your visitors to eat, keep it simple, this can help you to engage with your visitors

Show a video from a laptop or use a TV screen

This can engage people but remember it must be interesting otherwise it’s a waste of your time.

Get your visitors to sign up for a newsletter

Using an iPad, create a quick easy form for them to fill in remember to make sure it is GDRP compliant statement

Make sure you stand out

Your stand needs to quickly and clearly signpost what you do.

Good practice

  1. Get to know the people running the stands next to you and the ones that are not in competition with you, it’s great to refer someone to another stand if they can help
  2. When a visitor comes to your stand ask then if you can help them?
  3. Be wary of time wasters or people who only really have come for the giveaways
  4. Make sure that you make notes of potential visitor’s interest, I like to write on the back of their business cards and keep them in a safe place for future follow up
  5. Lastly once the event is over, remember to follow as soon as possible

Top Tips for Exhibitions and Trade Show Stands

Let us know how you get on!

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