Deliver effective in house bespoke or tailored training to Companies

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Tips to deliver effective in house bespoke or tailored training to Companies

Read our tips to deliver effective in house bespoke or tailored training to Companies.

Employers need to ensure that employees have the information needed to perform their jobs well throughout their career.

Your course needs to help them learn the skills to do just that, make sure your take time to identify exactly what they need and design and deliver a course they will be absolutely amazed by.

Understanding, Understanding, Understanding

Each Employer has different goals and budget, and will need to know that the course you are presenting will help them develop their teams and will meet their needs.

Make your course visual:

Using visual aids and storytelling tools such as, animated GIF s, diagrams, charts, artifacts, props and videos will help enhance retention of the material you are covering. Pick relevant images to complement your content and turn your ideas into understanding.

Deliver an enjoyable experience:

If your course has all the correct elements to it and you are happy with the outcomes, consider adding some enjoyable time into it, getting your delegates to engage and it will be a more memorable training experience.

Use adaptive learning:

If the Company have an employee’s at different levels of experience you may want to discuss with them an adaptive learning approach. Implementing training strategies suited to fit individual employees, can help nurture specific skills that need to be strengthened.

Measure success:

Develop effective measures of success to evaluate your courses is necessary to determine where improvements need to be made or when retraining needs to take place.

You could consider using:

  • A pre and post skills assessment test – gauge employees knowledge and skills
  • Observe on-the-job application of newly acquired knowledge
  • Use scenarios and simulations – to understand if learning has taken place
  • Use performance goals – compare performance before and after training
  • Set indicators of improvement of ROI and engage with the Company to monitor

Offer support or follow up

Confirm if you offer post course support to delegates, it could be phone, skype, email or a face to face session at a time scale agreed. Everyone involved in the process benefits if there is some kind of follow-up that enables continuous learning.

Consider offering as part of your training package:

  • Re certification
  • Follow up questionnaires or tests
  • Face to face reviews
  • New product updates
  • New staff updates

Ensuring all delegates receive valuable training aligns with the Companies objectives, will enable you to build more impactful and long-lasting results for their bottom line.

Which will enable you to build a valuable repeat business for the future.

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