Questions and answers about Full membership on Development for Trainers

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What is included in Full Membership on Development for Trainers?

  • 24/7 access to your dashboard where you can update your details
  • Receive messages, calls, emails and visitors to your website via our system
  • Add a professional photo of you and other images, video and brochures
  • You can add a substantial profile description – maximise your exposure on the site
  • You will have ability to view stats of visitors looking at your profile
  • Review system if you want your customers to leave reviews
  • Support to set up your profile so you are not on your own!

I have registered and paid for Full Membership why can’t I add my details?

Once registered you will need to wait for payment to be processed and your account activated.

Once this is done you will then receive an email update confirming activation with a link to our blog guides to maximise your use of the site.

Please upload your details as soon as possible by logging in and clicking dashboard on the top right of the site.  We do check all listing and will come back to you with Ideas, tips and support you to maximise your exposure on the site.

Why should I register?

Full Membership enables you set up a quality profile and promote yourself to companies and Training providers looking for trainers, assessors and coaches and you will receive every freelance work opportunities we receive. Plus, full access to the sites blogs, information and resources. We consistently marketing the site to our network of over 19, 500+ contacts who are from the UK training industry.

What freelance and associate opportunities will I get?

You will receive a generic email with all opportunities sent to us from our network and you can access them anytime here on our site

Do you select and choose whom you send opportunities to?

No – we share all opportunities with members who register for Freelance Work Opportunity updates.

How often will I receive updates?

Updates will be sent as soon as we receive new opportunities. We are currently unable to quantify how many enquirer’s we will receive per month, but we will definitely keep you updated. As a paying logged in registered Member you can access opportunities via our site

Freelance & Associate Work tab in the left menu on the site

How do I apply for a relevant Opportunity?

You’re in control – you choose to make contact and apply for relevant opportunities that you are interested in.

Our email will give you:

  • a highlight of the opportunity
  • simply follow the link to the site
  • read full details
  • apply using the contact information

Once I apply for an opportunity, what happens next?

You will be contacted directly by the company offering the opportunity. Should you not hear back from them, we suggest you contact them directly and follow up.

At the end of my annual membership what happens next?

You will receive an emailed invoice if you do not wish to renew, please email us and confirm your intent not to renew your membership. On doing so all your data will be removed and you will cease to receive any future updates or be a member on the site. If you still wish to access the site you could consider a Free Membership and we ask you confirm this on your email here

Opting out of emails

All opportunity emails have an unsubscribe button simply click the link and opt out – please be aware in doing so you will have to visit the site to see new opportunities.

Do you get involved with selecting people for opportunities?

No. The selection process is completely carried out but the training company or contact who has requested the training.

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