New to Twitter then read this!

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New to Twitter then read this!

Here are 11 Top tips to help you proactively use tweets to build followers & engage with new prospects.

  1. Tweet every day – consistency is key
  2. Tweet a couple of times a day and monitor the best times to interact with your followers by checking when they respond
  3. Share links that are worth while and relevant to your followers
  4. Share others information if it is valuable and relevant to your followers
  5. Retweet others’ posts again if relevant to your followers but not in competition with your business
  6. Do not use all 280 characters. Leave room for others to retweet you. About 24 extra characters is sufficient.
  7. Use #hashtags Twitter users put hashtags in their tweets to categorize them in a way that makes it easy for other users to find and follow tweets about a specific topic or theme.
  8. Don’t think by posting tweets you will get followers of leads, engage! Reply to messages, send messages to your followers.
  9. Follow people that influence your industry, that can add value but not compete with you.
  10. Be proactive, focused and target new followers – a set number of people and companies that you wish to connect with daily
  11. Be patient. Don’t sign up today and think you’ll have a thousand followers by tomorrow

Use a social media tool to upload your monthly tweets can make tweeting less time consuming. We have been using Hootsuite for a couple of years! but there are many on the market.

Here is a link to the 6 Best Social Media Tools to Put All of Your Networks in One Place

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