What courses do you offer and to whom?

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What courses do you offer and to whom?

Freelance Trainers here are my 3 Tips to make sure you are clear on what courses you offer and to whom?

What courses do you offer?

I have noticed over the years that many freelance trainers are not focused on their key courses and try to offer a wide range of courses to prospective customers.

By keeping to your core range of courses that you are passionate, experienced, knowledgeable and qualified about, will always lead to better results in the long term. 

Why? Making sure you deliver high quality training courses will get you a better return of repeat customers and great reviews which is key.  Whereas if you deliver poorly or this can then have a devastating effect on your future.

Keeping to your core courses also enables you to be more focused when you come to promote your courses which If you are not great at sales and marketing can be a blessing.

Remember less is more!

Who will need your courses?

Making sure you segment who your courses is for will help you to market to them more effectively.

Dependent on the courses you offer use the segments below to hone your target market

  • Location – you want to work in
  • Industry – that want your coaching
  • Company type – select companies that will benefit from your coaching
    • By Turnover Small <£6.5 Medium <£25m – Large  >£25m
    • By number of employees – Micro <5 Small <50 Medium <250 – Large  250+
  • People – Managers – supervisors – whole workforce or more specific

How are you going to deliver your Courses?

Online courses

Courses can be self-paced and unaided: learners move through the course when it suits them, and do not interact with a tutor or other learners.

Also, a company may want a number of employees to do the same course the learners move through the course at the same time as other learners, often working to deadlines, but do not interact with a tutor

Fully online – delegates register on your course platform and proceed with the course with no interaction from yourself

Blended courses

Deliver the course by combining face-to-face interactions with online content or self-study.

Face to Face courses

You deliver the course in person: in a venue of your choosing or at your customers premises, within face to face delivery you could offer the following:

  • Open courses – courses of individuals who have registered
  • Tailored courses – are when you use one of your pre-written open courses and tweak it for a customer
  • Bespoke courses – are when you completely write a course for your customer to meet their needs

Work based learning

As the name suggests, this way of delivery provides delegates with real-life work experiences to aid their learning and improve their employability. They will experience theories in practice, you could do this through facilitating job shadowing or taking delegates on interesting field trips.

Delegate-led learning

Delegates facilitate their learning, by encouraging their peers to carry out group activities to discuss topics or solve problems. This helps them to think through what they have previously been taught and encourages collaborative learning.


Give your delegates extra activity to do in their own time between sessions. This could include, answering questions set by the Trainer, complete set quizzes, read books and articles, watch an educational video, play a relevant game for example.

Tele– or Video conferencing courses

When your delegates are in multiple locations this is an effective way to deliver your courses.

Audio or mp3 courses

Delegates plug in and listen to your course, ideal for people who travel, enables them to listen when mobile.

Web meetings, or Webinar courses

When video and audio both takes place, web meetings are arranged and online training sessions are conducted.

Or maybe you will be creative and choose a selection of the above!

So, let’s recap

Know what courses you are going to offer.

Make sure you are passionate, experienced and knowledgeable in your chosen topic.

Build your reputation for being known in one area (this can be broadened to complimentary courses as your experience grows).

Identify who will benefit from attending your courses.

Once you have identified both what courses you will offer and who your courses are for then your marketing strategy becomes a lot clearer.

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