Freelance Trainers Blogging Tips

28/08/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Tips for Freelance Trainers

Freelance Trainers Blogging Tips

Writing blogs month after month can be a daunting task so here are some ideas for consideration.

If you have any other ideas please comment and I will add them to this blog!

From your experience:

Using your experiences can provide great blog content and you can use snippets on your social media.

  • Share lessons you have learnt and save your readers having to learn the hard way
  • Mention how someone who was a big impact in your work life helped you
  • Share tips for your readers to apply to their own businesses
  • Discuss how you approach challenges or problems.

Share solutions to your customer’s challenges:

Your customers and potential customers want to read about real benefits and solutions to their challenges

  • Look to generate content that demonstrates what your courses can do for your customer.
  • Create how to video’s
  • Use customer testimonials
  • Write compelling case studies –
  • Give real insights into your expertise is a good way of attracting new customers

Share all these ideas via your social network, email marketing and groups

Keep track of the Industry your courses are for:

Letting reads know you are current, interested and you have industry experience and knowledge builds confidence in you!

  • Review a news article
  • Look at current trends.
  • Give your opinion
  • Address issues
  • Share you own opinion if you are brave enough.

Research for the industry:

Finding out opinions, statistics doesn’t have to be expensive.

Run a customer poll on your website, with your delegates over a period of time and then report back via your blog on the results, indicating trends you have identified, key points etc.

Share information?

Sharing information about employees and your company culture can really help to build your brand and reputation. At the bottom of your blog Link back to relevant pages on your website.

  • Meet the team
  • Mention your Core values and how you put them into action
  • Introduce and welcoming new staff
  • Congratulate staff/teams for key achievements


Sharing courses is a great opportunity for creating online content that can progressively build interest and excitement.

Your initial content may involve announcing the date and the venue, followed by letting people know that registration has opened, perhaps with a limited ‘Early Bird’ offer.

Use a Twitter hashtag specifically for your event (e.g. #Development4Trainers) enable delegates to share searchable thoughts and information throughout the course

Post course you could even think about sharing images, audio or video clips and PowerPoint slides.

Promotional ideas:

  • Competition to win a free place on your next course
  • Discount offer for 2nd person attending a course
  • Charity event support
  • Awards entered and won
  • Share testimonials

Whenever you care coming up with content ideas, start with as wide a selection of suggestions as possible.

Ten you can refine your selection based upon your goals, aims, objectives and appropriate timing.


I hope that you found these tips for generating marketing content online useful. If you would like more tips on marketing click here