How to use your dashboard?

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How to add your work opportunity to the site

Let’s Run through your dashboard!

How to use your dashboard learn how you can view, modify and update your details and preferences 24/7.

Below you can see each section of the dashboard and how to use it!

My Account

  • Update your personal details
  • Change your password
  • About Me/Extra Details – explain that you do here
  • Add links to your Social Media
  • Choose your profile background
  • Add a professional photo of yourself this is shown as your icon

Create your Listing Profile  

 Promote and maximise your exposure in our Trainers, Assessors, Coaches or Facilitators searches

Use our How to guide for tips and help on uploading your profile

Free members add your profile guide click here….

Full members maximise exposure profile guide click here….

My Listings

Here you can view your existing website profile listing

· Amend or edit your information

· See how many visitors have viewed your page

· See your comments

· See your star rating

My Messages

Here you can view any messages sent by our website members and visitors.


Here you can view feedback left and received.

My Subscriptions

Here you can subscribe to our website categories and receive an email when a new listing is added.

My Favorites

As a member you can click My Favorites on any page you wish to return to or remember throughout the site. In the dashboard you view and manage your favorites list.