How do you rate your customer service?

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How do you rate your customer service?

As a Freelance Trainer are you aware how good you are in the 4 areas below:

  • Offer your customers consistent and reliable customer service
  • Have good processes to communicate with your customers
  • Engage with positive working relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Have the right courses, solutions, services to solve challenges and issues on behalf of your customer

If Yes, then well done! 

However, as a freelance trainer if we have made you think about your customer service and you honestly think you need to take stock then take action now.

Read on….

Improving your customer service will dramatically will positively affect your business.

How to start to Improve Your Customer Service

Do you have the skills to give great customer service?

Working on your own you still need to be:

A good communicator so that you feel confident to handle any arising situation

Be knowledgeable about your products, services, courses you offer

Totally on top of your procedures and processes

Adaptable and patient as each of your customers are different

Do you offer consistent customer service?

This can be a very important area to Improve your customer interactions

Giving customers an easy way to provide feedback, by asking, listening and responding to your customers, means you can actively keep in touch with them and can continuously improve your customer service to over achieve their expectations.

Communication – How do you engage with your customers?

Some of the ways may be Phone, email, social media, face to face meetings, Skype calls or at networking events. 

When engaging with your potential or existing customers you must confirm how do you store the conversation, actions, deadlines etc. If you do not record, set reminders and follow ups you will not be able to meet the expectations.

Developing products, services and courses

You should always be developing courses, services and products that are a real solution for the challenges your customers, employees or industry face.

Being knowledgeable about your customers, the industry they work in will help you to be focus and targeted and able to react, be adaptable.

New for 2019

If you wish to test your customer service, we can arrange a cost-effective happy enquirer experience where we can help you find out how good your customer service is and how to improve it.

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