How do you handle Customers that constantly change their minds?

14/05/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Trainers

Today I want to share a few tips that have definitely helped me in the past, if you have any idea’s that you wish to add please comment below!

Sharing is caring after all…..

  • Always set the ground rules at the beginning of the contract and plan and set dates for renewal, reviews and discussion of services, this makes any changes more structured and manageable.
  • If your customer still has amendments really listen and understand your customers perspective this will help you to pave the way for future changes.
  • Having great communication is key for the relationship.
  • Have an open discussion about the changes and reasons behind the changes, there may be a problem that was unforeseen at the beginning of your contract.  If so make sure your contract is amended to reflect this.
  • Have your say and make sure the customers understands your situation if the changes are not beneficial to you, discuss cost implications.
  • Be open, honest and build trust but do not be walked over!

At the end of the day as a freelance trainer if the contract is broken and an agreement cannot be made you can stop the contract.