Freelance Trainers Increase your leads from LinkedIn

21/08/2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Marketing Blog,Social Media

Are you using LinkedIn for your Freelance training business if the answer is NO then you should consider doing so? If the answer is YES then may be these ideas will help you increase engagement and potential clients. Freelance Trainers Increase your leads from LinkedIn today.

Is LinkedIn right for my business?

If you identify your potential customers by searching for a Person’s name, Job Title, Company name, Location, Past companies worked at or Industry

then LinkedIn is definitely the right social media platform to use.

Where to start on LinkedIn?

Use LinkedIn and get really familiar with the platform, some key areas that will come in handy include:

  • My Network – see a full list of your connections you can sort by recently added first or last name
  • Messages – see incoming messages, connection confirmations and write new messages
  • Notifications – give you a continually feed of what is going on, birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, people viewing your profile, people that liked your updates and articles, updates on if you share others posts
  • Click under your photo to find the following
  • Posts and Articles – view the stats on who is looking at your posts and articles
  • Settings & Privacy – this where you take control of how your network engages with you the frequency of emails etc
  • Company pages
  • Help centre

Now – Set up shortcuts on your browser for each of the above to make navigating to your favourite areas easy and quick

Update your profile

As a freelance trainer you may already have set up a profile but what you need to do now is to make your profile your shop window and tell the LinkedIn world what you do, how you do it, how you can help members, solve members solutions with your courses and services.

To edit your profile, click the small round image of you and click view profile, now you will see a small pencil click this in each section to edit your details.

Utilise the profile edit option and complete all the sections that helps build a professional profile and remember a professional head shot photo!

Now you are familiar with LinkedIn and your profile is set up now it’s time to engage and be social!

Here are some idea’s on how to engage on LinkedIn

  • Post updates daily or a minimum weekly consistency is key
  • Write a new article/blog as fortnightly or monthly
  • Actively search for people who would be interested in your updates and articles and whom could be your potential new clients do this daily but only connect to a handful each day, see what invitation messages work for you
  • Only accept appropriate connections – keep your network targeted
  • Write template messages that you can personalise and send quickly to new contacts or so you can invite people to your network.
  • Join groups where your potential customers congregate and answer their questions
  • Start a LinkedIn Group and invite your network – you can then message and share links with them and be useful

Freelance Trainers Increase your leads from LinkedIn

To increase your leads on LinkedIn you need to be proactive and engage for a short amount of time each day, this can really increase awareness of you and what you do, increase your network of relevant people who may then become customers of the future.

This is just one way to increase your leads remember that you will need to do a range of activities to bring in the leads you want. Read more ideas here

If you do not have or the inclination or time to keep your LinkedIn engagement consistent then consider outsourcing your LinkedIn management it’s cheaper than you think.

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