Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

07/05/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Marketing Blog

Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

As a freelance trainer, assessor or coach you are now faced with the job of marketing and advertising yourself, services and courses. Read our blog on the Differences Between Marketing and Advertising.

Marketing and advertising often seems confusing that both terms describe promoting a product or service and selling it.  In actual fact, although they both contribute to the same end objective, they are very different from each other and each has its own process.

Marketing involves a more planned approach of a range of activities intended to bring targeted people together with your courses and services. Marketing is a step by step process that always starts with your unique selling proposition, logo, photo, video to provide a more interactive selling proposition.

Advertising your courses and your services includes the design and placement of an advert traditionally in: newspapers, magazines, direct mail, TV, radio and online. You may also consider using brokers, social media, Instagram or spotify!

Advertising/PR fit under the umbrella of Marketing and if used together can really build interest in your courses and services.

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