Development for Trainers Yearly Update

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Development for Trainers Yearly Update

Happy New Year Members!

As we welcome in 2019, I wanted to update you on a number of plans we have coming up this year.

Share more work opportunities

Building relationships with companies across the UK so we can bring our Full members more freelance and associate job opportunities.

Offer a more diverse range of blogs – on relevant topics

This year we are searching for guest bloggers that can add value to our members by offering interesting information that will help freelance Trainers to really grow and drive their businesses forward, personally develop themselves and help them with issues you have.

Wider range of resources – course material, equipment, free templates

We look forward to work with our existing and build relationships with new companies that offer great resources for trainers.

Build our list of Training Venues

Helping Member Trainers find quality training venues across the UK, highlighting special delegate offers and more…

Remember if you want us to help you in other ways please let us know we are happy to build our resource for you, and with your help we will succeed.

If you have had experience
Jackie Northedge – Development for Trainers