Brand & Marketing for New Freelance Trainers

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Brand & Marketing for New Freelance Trainers

Brand & Marketing for New Freelance Trainers is a great place to start by asking yourself this!

Are you personally going to be your brand?


Are you going to set up a company to be the brand?

If you are going to have a personal brand, you will need a website or focus on a social media accounts that represent your name/brand.  You will use all these platforms to build awareness.

Your brand should clearly communicate:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Why you do it

Your marketing messages should use five or more key messages/statements which you will consistently use across all marketing channels

Your personal image, logo, colours should be consistent across all platforms

Having consistency builds awareness, familiarity which will build to trust in what you do.

Make your brand standout from your competitors, make sure that it represents the industry you want to market to.

Tips for brand marketing

Know your strengths

Take time and really know your characteristics and strengths that you have developed throughout your career. A good place to start is to review old appraisal documents where you manager noted what you where good at, or ask friends and colleagues

Become an expert in the area you want to teach in

Continual development is key learn as much as you can about the industry you are going to teach in, keep up to date with news, legislation and connect and keep in touch with colleagues or associates working in the area.

Your Knowledge is key

So, make sure that you share your knowledge to all delegates, help them using a range of approaches, videos, presentations, case studies, social media, blogs, podcasts, pdf handouts, questionnaires, online learning giving your delegates a broad range of information via a diverse channel gives confidence that you really are knowledgeable.

Harness your inner self

Know who you are use your personality, experience and characteristics to develop your own unique delivery style this will also become your personal brand. Using your core values in all you do will also help you keep on track and be true to yourself and your business.

4 questions to help you further identify your brand

  1. Do you stand out from your competitors?
  2. Do you know who you want to work with?
  3. Are your marketing messages relevant for the industry that you want to work with?
  4. Is your brand identity being properly used in all media channels?

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