Banner Advertising with us

Interested in Banner Advertising with us?

Use our banner advertising to promote your Courses, Products or Services to our Member Trainers, Coaches, Assessors and Instructors.

What will it cost?

A header banner costs £99.95 per year and can appear on available pages on the site.  The header banner on the home page costs £150 per year.

What size banner will I need to send you? Banners Size:

  • Header: 468 x 60 pixels or
  • Side bar Size: 290 x 100

Will my banner link to my website?

Yes you will have a direct link to your website URL.

How do I monitor how my ad is working?

Simply track your website hits using your own website analytics and use the dashboard here to confirm the number of views.

What do I do next? Purchase your banner advertising with us NOW!

If you wish to add your banner or need more information in adding your banners please Call 07960 289921 or email

  • Header
    Size: 468 x 60 (banner will rotate)