6 Things to be mindful of when planning a course

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Promote Courses 6 Tips
  1. Open courses you will need to market really hard to get a good number of delegates – over my long career it has been a reoccurring fact that no matter the subject getting the optimum number of people to attend the course is hard.
  2. When setting dates for open courses try to avoid Monday morning and Fridays – this can be dependent on the targeted peoples job roles.
  3. Try and avoid arranging block release courses as in this busy time, people find it hard to be out of the company and if they are, they may spend more time on phones and laptops trying to keep update.
  4. If you are not sure about your new course do not sell it! And definitely do not deliver it. Getting the course right and making sure it is delivered to a high standard will keep customers returning. Be prepared….
  5. Delegates will not be able to focus and enjoy your course if they are sat in a chair all day long – make your training engaging and get delegates moving and interacting with different attendees.
  6. Be aware that you do not keep returning to a delegate that is easy to interact with and has the answers, this will only annoy other delegates and alienate them.
If you have had experience

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