5 Tips for freelance trainers that want to write blogs

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5 Tips for freelance trainers that want to write blogs

If you wish to write blogs you need to aim to engage with your readers, impart your knowledge and experience, help, give value and educate, build trust and relationships.

Let’s get started….

Create a list of the courses you offer that you are passionate about

Break down your courses listed in to interesting topics that your existing customers or new customers would be interested in.

Review your list and add to it regularly

Now you have a great list of helpful, insightful ideas that are relevant it’s time to put pen to paper.

Select a topic you want to write about and see if you have other topics that you can combine into the blog

Now you have a main topic to blog about and the sections to write about

Be bold get started

Write your First Draft, let it come naturally you may not be able to do this in one go, so do not be put off save it and return until you have a full blog.

Remember you can look at what others have written to get some inspiration but it is always best to write in your own words and get you passion and enthusiasm for the topic come through.

Now you may want to share your blog before you post it, if so, ask a colleague, family member or friend sometimes they can give you helpful suggestions that can enhance your blog especially if blog writing is new to you.

Now you blog is ready to post

Once your blog is uploaded it is now time to start developing another blog

Updating an existing blog

Some bloggers don’t like the idea of updating posts but sometimes you may need to update your post, may be incorporate some of your readers ‘comments and ideas that you have learnt.


You can post blogs on your website

Add interesting updates with links to your blog on social media

Ask other contacts to share your blog,

Share links in groups online

Getting feedback

The idea of your blog is to get your readers to like, share, click a link to your website, another blog or comment

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If you have had experience

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