4 Tips to Sell More Training

14/08/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sales

4 Tips to Sell More Training

Here are 4 Tips to Sell More Training, tried and tested in my past life as a Sales manager for small, medium and a large training provider. It worked for them may be they could work for you…

Up sell to existing customers

It is far easier to up sell to an existing customer then to find a new one!

Keep in touch regularly.

Ask great questions for issues they are experiencing and which you can solve with a course.

Accreditation renewal dates

Keep good track of renewal dates and start to market to your customers and help them make sure their staff are always updated and accredited.

End of Year dates

Not all businesses have the same end of year! So, make sure you ask the question as when companies are coming up to the end of year, there may be surplus in a training budget.  

Contacting them and suggesting specific training that they have to do anyway can mean that the training is brought forwards into the current financial year to use up that budget.

Also, when the new financial year begins, departments will be given their new budgets and will therefore be planning how to spend those budgets.  Make sure you get in touch and support them to identify training required and plan delivery.

Offer a FREE one- hour taster to your repeat customers

Offering a free one-hour taster of a new course or an existing course that could benefit you customer, is a great way to test the water and encourage your repeat customers to book again.

Make your customers feel extra special with an invite to attend your free taster.

Offer a second place for a token cost.


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