11 Steps to create a great training proposal

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How to create a great training proposal

Selling a service is not always easy so making your sales proposal comprehensive, that you can use as a tool to cover the chosen course with your new or existing customer will save you time, make sure that you do not have any grey areas in your understanding of what your customer needs and confirms your terms and conditions so everyone knows what to expect.

Obviously smaller customers may not need such a comprehensive proposal but once you have set this document up for all your courses you can just use the sections that are relevant and mix and match the information.

Cover Page

This should include:

  • Company name your working for
  • Date of issue
  • Your logo

Start by describing the purpose of the training?

Examine the need for the training. Find what positions and departments the training would impact, why staff would use the training and how the company would benefit.

Now show your understanding of the reason for the training?

Include a list of smart objectives for the training and explain how they will impact on the employees, departments and or company.

For example: a workshop about booking more appointments would help to increase opportunities for employees and increase sales profits for the company.

List and explain the benefits of the proposed course

Define and Explain how the company will judge the effectiveness of the training

  • What do you want your students to remember from your course in 5-10 years?
  • How should taking your course change students?
  • What skills should students gain in this course?

How does this course relate to other courses in the discipline? How, then, might you define the course goals accordingly (e.g., for an introductory, fundamental, or advanced course in the discipline)?

Write the course outline

This is useful for you the trainer, the company purchasing the training and the learners to confirm what the course will include:

  • Course name
  • Duration
  • Start and End times
  • Refreshments and Lunch times
  • Course Description
  • Learners Learning Objectives/Outcomes
  • Assessment Overview

Other information if relevant – reading lists, prior activities, documentation the delegate needs to bring

Write a complete breakdown of your course delivery model

Include the different learning methods e.g. face to face, e learning, self-study, online

Confirm the training literature given

If you send the delegates away with an action plan

If you offer remote support – duration and how (email, phone, skype, social media group) state if it is free or not

If you offer delegates access to a course portal, social media group, support information, membership site

Now confirm the requirements regarding:

  • number of delegates
  • dates and duration of course
  • location of training venue
  • equipment and facilities
  • course material
  • costs per person or group plus additional learners
  • costs of travel & accommodation if relevant
  • cancellation/privacy/t&c
  • availability

Please note: Giving a couple of cost/delivery options can make sure your proposal is not instantly turned down solely on cost.

Signature page or Booking form

Your Contact Page – make it easy for your customer to get in touch