10 things to consider when planning a course

21/08/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Training and Learning

10 things to consider when planning a course

Planning your courses can be a scheduling nightmare. So, to make sure your courses run like a dream here are 10 things to consider when planning a course

  1. Do not miss out the domestics and introduction on each day of the course – confirming the domestics makes your delegates feel safe and secure
  2. If you are concerned about your new course content or a change in delivery do not start the course till you feel at ease – people are going to have to pay for the course.  So, make sure it is up to scratch.
  3. Don’t try to wing it. A training session is always much better when the trainer/facilitator is well prepared.
  4. Don’t leave delegates sitting in their seats all day. Plan activities that will encourage movement, it is a great way to get enthusiasm and interest back.
  5. Understand the best time to plan your courses consider times to try and avoid e.g. Monday and Fridays, bank holidays, busy periods in the working colander
  6. Planning block courses can make it difficult for companies to release employees to attend but if you can be flexible with your customers it can work well
  7. If you want to run open courses you will need to increase your marketing effort massively and be prepared to run courses with low numbers – cancelling courses can reflect poorly on the provider
  8. Set you times for refreshments, lunches and try not run over at the end of the course
  9. Be interactive with your delegates, using activities, video and their experiences of the subject taught helps to make for a positive, engaging atmosphere.
  10. Use video to break up trainer speaking time this can help delegates to stay engaged


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