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As an effective trainer you are already a lifelong learner but continuing development does not just include your subject area – it includes your personal growth too! Understanding yourself is essential for the development of your business – a crucial factor in making and sustaining successful business relationships, as well as making sound business decisions, so Trainers – Learn about Yourself.

Personality assessments are powerful development tools that can be used both with individuals and teams. They are especially effective when used with coaching.

What personality factors can be measured?

There are many tools available but the most common personality factors measured include:

  1. Aloofness – Empathy
  2. Confidence in own intellectual abilities
  3. Emotional stability
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Cautiousness – Enthusiasm
  6. Conscientiousness
  7. Self-consciousness
  8. Sentimentality
  9. Trust – Suspicion
  10. Realism – Imagination
  11. Social astuteness
  12. Confidence
  13. Openness to change
  14. Group orientation – Self sufficiency
  15. Self control
  16. Frustration tolerance

These factors can be used to identify your interpersonal style – how much contact you need, empathy, social confidence, dealing with conflict; thinking style – openness to new ideas, how you make decisions; coping style – calmness, stability, coping with mistakes, negative behaviours you might exhibit under pressure

How can this benefit your business?

Understanding how you interact with people, especially when meeting for the first time, and what influences your decision-making can benefit your business – by identifying how you can adapt your behaviour in order to:

  • network successfully
  • gain new clients – the right clients
  • remain resilient under pressure
  • make sound business decisions

Using a reputable, validated assessment tool can provide a powerful starting point for coaching. Assessment results are not ‘set in stone’ nor used in isolation – your report will be discussed with you to ensure accuracy and to explore the results in different contexts. Some assessments, such as the 15FQ+, can also provide sub-reports on your leadership style, team role, occupational theme, emotional intelligence and work attitude.

Rememberuse an accredited Test User – they have been trained in administering the tests, interpreting the results and are bound by ethical guidelines. The Test User can help you decide which tool is right for you. You can find an accredited Test User through the British Psychological Society (BPS).

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Guest blogger – Kate Chandler is an experienced Organisational Development Consultant.  Kate is supporting Trainers and Assessors with their personal and professional development and is an accredtied Test User  and can help Trainers – Learn about Yourself! View more here