Promote Courses 6 Tips

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Promote Courses 6 Tips

Freelance Trainers… How can you expect people to buy your training if they do not know you and what courses you offer?

Read on…how to Promote Courses 6 Tips you can start next week….

1) It’s an old saying that “people buy from people “so start talking and networking and actually engage with others.

  • Use social media – get known
  • Local network groups – meeting face to face
  • Forums – spread your knowledge and share what you offer
  • Your personal and professional network – remember to ask for referrals

2) Consider creating amazing ads/flyers and brilliant brochures that reflect your brand and style

  • Use all the imagery on your social media and link back to your website or landing page
  • Email and post your ad’s flyers, pdf brochures
  • Take your marketing collateral to networking events
  • Display your brochures, flyers etc in your training room
  • Offer a good discount voucher to delegates if they register for another course during the one they are on

3) Focus on developing your mailing list

  • Use your social media to drive traffic to your website
  •  Collect emails on your website – using a strong call to action or reason for people to give you their email
  •  Email all of your contacts and ask them to register
  • Share on your social media a great reason to register
  • Use an email platform to collect and control your emails
  • List of ten top email platforms
  • mail chimp FREE and paid options
  • offer a 30 day trial

Check out this illustrated guide which gives an overview of ten email platforms and compares their usability for different marketing strategies:

4) The key for you to successfully promote yourself and courses is to be consistent on a regular basis.

Consistently make sure that you:

  • Plan and carry out your Marketing activity
  • You focus on your core branding
  • Your key messages are repeated
  • Test and measure everything you do!

5) Know your target market and use instant offers and promotions to attract them.

  • Press releases
  • Direct mail
  • Brochures, handouts, flyers
  • Business Cards, Letter headed paper, Invoice, Compliment slips
  • Use social media to spread the word, show your experience, knowledge and how you can help
  • Spread the word with creative Blogs
  • Answer questions on Forums and Groups

6) Use online course selling websites to help promote courses

You will need to take time to research what sites would suit you and your courses, some sites offer free services others have paid options so investigate and check them out.

What follows our Promote Courses 6 Tips …

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