New Trainer’s Do’s and Don’ts

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So, are you about to run your first course? Read our New Trainer’s Do’s and Don’ts right here.

Well, it’s obviously a scary and daunting time. But don’t worry here are some do’s or don’ts to help you….

My favorite Do is remember to breath and pause if you’re feeling a little nervous – it really helps

22 Do’s a new trainer should consider

Do practice and master your material.

Do make sure your course is engaging by using ice breakers, adding team or group activity, games, introduce prizes, quizzes.

Do plan and stick to giving regular breaks, refreshments etc.

Do make sure you know your audience

Do ooze confidence in your knowledge and preparation.

Do be aware each delegate is different and that your training style may not suit all attendees.

Do use your training area and be space aware, moving around helps to keep the energy in the room.

Do test and practice with the technology you are planning to use

Do make sure you Introduce your course with a brief overview of the training subject’s main points.

Do encourage delegates to be interactive with as much hands-on training as possible (Dependant on subject)

Do make sure that you check your delegates knowledge before introducing more information

Do use repetition to help delegates to grasp and retain information.

Do test your delegates frequently. Testing is an objective way to determine whether training achieved its goals.

Do praise excellent work individually or as a team

Do give time for question and answer session

Do remember not to feel offended or intimidated by any question, remember that no one is there with the intention of putting you to test.

Do make sure you are empathic and compassionate towards delegates

Do make sure you hand out evaluation forms with well written questions that can help you develop and improve along the way.

Do always analyse your sessions as you go.

Do remember to lookout for what works best.

Do review new techniques or methods that the group responds well to and make a note for other courses

12 Don’ts a new trainer should avoid

Don’t tell your delegates that this is your first course.

Don’t panic or beat yourself up if you make an error, use it as a learning curve and a chance to change, develop and improve your delivery.

Don’t fixate on time and rush – but do keep your session on track – Start and Finish on time

Don’t stray too far off you lesion plan it will focus you on making up time and you may miss something important out.

Don’t hold up class waiting for late comers.

Don’t talk at your delegates, talk with them.

Don’t smother your learners empower them to help themselves and not to always depend on you.

Don’t deliver a course topic that you are not passionate about or interested in – it will show.

Don’t feel like you have to know everything, or answer every question. Be willing and confident to say, “I don’t know, but I will find out and let you know – giving a realistic time period here will build your credibility.

Don’t just turn on a video or audio always explain to your delegates what they are going to see and how it relates to the topic.

Don’t forget to ask delegates to share their experiences relevant to the topic at hand. (You may also learn a thing or two)

Don’t feel nervous if you have to stop conversation that is going in the wrong direction

New Trainer’s Do’s and Don’tsWhat next- New Trainer’s Do’s and Don’ts

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  1. trevelhenry said on 24/07/2017 6:55 AM:

    Also a good reminder for experienced trainers

  2. Abbaman said on 26/07/2017 2:06 PM:

    This list is fantastic, although in delivering Driver CPC courses you cannot test your candidates as JAUPT signify. I tend to use quiz material as this is seen as more on the fun side.

    1. Jackie Northedge said on 27/07/2017 2:37 PM:

      Thank you for your comments which are much appreciated.