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Building a successful freelance training business

Stephen Covey emphasised the importance of this in his best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – he calls it ‘Sharpening the Saw’. So, read on and protect your wellbeing.

A few years ago, I suffered with mental stress and I moved from full-time employment to become a Director of my own company. Admittedly I was allowed the luxury of time to recover and find my path without constraints from my family. Having to take things day to day was difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get a little anxious from time to time. But stress no longer rules my life!

Why a Freelance career can be stressful?

  • Working alone with limited or no support
  • Uncertainty of where the next opportunity is coming from
  • Responsibility for the whole business – all the functions and tasks

Some people are really suited to freelance work – these individuals tend to be ambitious, self-confident and able to manage a whole array of tasks that are necessary for success. Tasks include Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Business Finance, Course Design, Delivery, Outsourcing.

Some people feel insecure about their job and when ALL the responsibility stops with YOU it really can be over whelming.

So, how can you keep stress in check and prevent a stress-related illness/loss of work?

Work related coping strategies you can try

Make sure you have a strong network for social and emotional support. Typically, this will be your friends and family.

Join related forums and online groups and share your frustrations and good times – it can be enlightening.

Working ON your business is very important – use down time from courses or associate work as an investment of your time to succeed.

Consider a business coach or mentor – they can help you to work through your challenges and reduce stress in your life/work.

Outsource some of the tasks you find time consuming and stressful if you can afford it.

Identify what is causing your stress – ask yourself what is the worst that can happen and then change it….

  • Your troublesome client is keeping you awake – stop working for them, it is your business. Find a new client that you enjoy working for.
  • Hate doing the finance side – hire a bookkeeper
  • Spend too much time on admin – consider a virtual assistant
  • Missing phone calls – engage an agency. You may even get more leads!

Consider returning to full time or part time work! This is NOT failure just an opportunity to lessen the stress felt by some as a Freelancer.

Life Balance

I use to tut at the phrase ‘work-life balance’!

I loved to work late, at weekends and would comment that I would work even if I didn’t have to!

I was blinkered and was living in my own little world to the exclusion of the ones I cared about. I did not even realise this was my routine until – Stress caught up with me and I had to stop….

The day I stopped was a tough revelation and a real reality slap….

Guess what – it’s taken time but I’ve changed… I still love to work but know in order to do this well, I know now I must protect my wellbeing.

Here are my favourite 5 strategies that helped me…

  1. Drop your shoulders and take time to breathe – I personally know this is so important. Most of us when stressed are not aware that our shoulders are up to our ears and our breathing is either very slow or so fast we are experiencing palpitations.
  2. Exercise, get moving, go outside…. I found out that I truly love being outside in the fresh air, walking, cycling, sitting and letting the world go by. Before, this would not even be a thought in my mind!
  3. Eat and sleep well – I started eating breakfast and lunch, I found more energy, I could concentrate for longer and could not believe I had not practiced eating regularly for years without really noticing…
  4. Make time to be with your family and friends – this brings its own rewards and I did not see what I was missing.
  5. Make time for hobbies – if you don’t have a hobby, experiment and find one! I now love photography – who would have guessed! I like experiencing new things, to eat, to go, to try, to see. I also like to play games on my phone! Once I would have thought I was wasting my time, but if it is fun and you enjoy it – do it!

3 things from me to you…. protect your wellbeing


  1. Lives and circumstances change, we all weave a path – there is not right or wrong
  2. Being a little ‘selfish’ and looking after one’s self enables you to give more to others
  3. Take your wellbeing seriously and make little changes that will impact your future

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