How to become an Associate Trainer

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How to become an Associate Trainer

So, this blog is going to cover…

How to become an Associate Trainer giving the highs and lows, so you can make a informed decision if Associate work is for you.

What is an Associate Trainer?

An Associate Trainer is a Freelance Trainer who is self-employed but works in partnership with a training organisation on a set number of days per month over an agreed period of time.

As a freelance trainer, you may find the stress of trying to find your own customers daunting, time sapping and never ending.

Benefits of working as an Associate Trainer:

  1. Saves you time
  2. Enables you to focus on your delivery not sales and marketing
  3. Gives you more reliable income – dependent on your contract

6 Ways to find Associate Training work?

  1. Google Search

You can access a number of major search engines to find associate opportunities here are 3 search terms that will help you simply click the links below and then search the results, this can be a little time consuming.

associate trainer opportunities

associate trainer vacancies

associate trainer jobs

  1. Websites to check out…

Indeed – search for associate trainer




  1. Contact Training Providers and Colleges direct

Find companies that offer the courses you can deliver, or training providers that would you’re your courses of added value to their customers, then promote yourself and what you offer. (This can be done via mail, telephone, face to face, exhibitions or social media for example)

Research the companies and make sure you want to work with them! connect with people that you would like to work with on social media, post relevant content showing your experience and knowledge.

  1. LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn make sure your profile page states that you are looking for Associate work, what courses you offer and geographically where you are happy to deliver.

Need support with your LinkedIn profile and building your network click here

  1. Get listed on recognised training broker websites

  1. Networking

Reach out to fellow Freelance Trainers and see if they could recommend you to the companies they work at.  Join industry groups on LinkedIn and build a reputation and show your knowledge, experience and professionalism. Ask your connections if they know of any work.

If you are considering becoming an Associate trainer,  then here are some things for consideration:

Get organised and prepare the following: Your own associate Trainer Contract make sure it covers all legalities and is read by a professional, this can save a lot of headaches in the long run.  (Some training providers or companies will want to use their own contract – make sure it meets your needs and covers all aspects of the contract for you)

Set your price: An Associate Trainer can charge from £150 – £1000 per day or more dependent on your skills, qualification, and experience and industry knowledge.

How much do you need to earn? Work it out read our previous blog

Once you have worked this out you can then divide it by the number of days you would need to work as an Associate. Make sure your normal freelance rate should be higher to include your admin, sales, marketing and time.

When you work as an associate they will do all the sales, marketing and admin so as you can see this will save you a lot of time and effort so you can charge less.


When you work as an associate you agree a fee for them to sell your services on and that you are happy with this. Make sure that you do not devalue your freelance work.

Please note: When working on a freelance or associate basis make sure you know the IR35 Rules and how or if they affect you.

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