How can Freelance Assessors find learners?

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In my past most assessors I know work either Freelance or Employed with local Training Providers or Colleges or work for as an in-house assessor for a large organisation (so they normally will be provided with an initial case load of learners) Read my blog on How can Freelance Assessors find learners? Hope it is of interest to you!

However, if you are tasked with finding your own learners then you will need to start to get out there and market yourself, and the qualifications you assess.

My 9 suggestions to reach potential learners would be:

  1. Once you are working with a company build strong relationships with the Managers so that you feel comfortable asking if they wish to start new learners or ask them to recommend you to their suppliers
  2. Keep in touch with your learners and ask if they know any friends that may be interested in what they have just done!
  3. Link with all of your learners on social media and ask them to share your social media content – if they have liked you and how you helped them they will do this for you.
  4. Word and mouth, talk to your friends, colleagues and network ask them if they know anyone or a company that would be interested in the qualifications you assess.
  5. Post leaflets in shops in your local area
  6. Use social media and reach out to your network, ask key contacts to share you posts, updates and tweets
  7. I have worked with a company who used Spotify with a degree of success to reach young people.
  8. Use Facebook Ad’s (these can be targeted to a group by age, location, Interests etc.)
  9. Contact local companies by phone, email and promote the qualification you Assess


  • As a starting point, be very targeted and focus on the industry that need the qualifications you assess.
  • Build strong relationships with contacts and learners so you can develop repeat business

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