Assessors how to attract more learners

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Assessors how to attract more learners

Are you finding that your learners dry up and you worry your contract will cease then this article may help Assessors how to attract more learners.

Assessors are you marketing programmes at your learner’s workplace?

Over the years, it has amazed me, how many assessors who support learners in the workplace rarely ask if the employer has more learners.

I have also known some Assessors who have been very successful in recruiting apprentices and NVQ delegates for themselves – this makes me believe all Assessors can do it.

Assessors have told me they are not sales or marketing people or they feel that they could not ask!

I want to support all Assessors out there to start asking!

Did you know that having spent possibly years supporting learners in the employers premise you become well known and if you are any good at your job – YOUR opinion really counts…

Listen and Act – If you hear about a company-wide challenge, a new member of staff starting that may be suitable to start a programme, an employee who has changed job roles then this is something that is great to feed back to your contact (training provider).

People buy from people! So, take a deep breath and ask your learners Manager or HR Manager 3 questions…

  • Do they have any other people that they would like to put forward for an apprenticeship or NVQ?
  • Would they consider recruiting someone new as an apprentice now or in the future?
  • Does your learner want to progress on to the next level programme?

What is the worst thing that could happen! They say NO…. remember this no to putting anyone forward or recruiting someone new it is not a NO to YOU personally…

So, what if they say YES! How great would that feel! You could go back to the Training provider you work for and tell them you have a lead for them…

Remember if you do get any leads then make a note of the Contacts name, phone and email and what they are looking for and pass it on or act on it yourself dependant on your situation.

If you have any questions or comments on Assessors how to attract more learners.let me know…

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