50 Ways to Increase Marketing and get Leads

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50 Ways to Increase Marketing and get Leads

Freelancer Trainers, Coaches, Assessors and Instructors 50 Ways to Increase Marketing and get Leads

Use this simple list to check which ways you get your leads.

  1. Simply copy on to an excel spreadsheet and tick what activity you are doing now –
  2. Now choose 3 new ways that you want to introduce to your marketing mix.
  3. Then add 1 new way of marketing over the next 3 months and monitor to see the results

Only carry out effective marketing – always test and measure

  1. Affiliate schemes
  2. Blog – start your own
  3. Blogging – be a guest writer
  4. Course promotions and special offers
  5. Competitions
  6. Coupons
  7. Create local awareness in local papers, trade magazines, local Facebook groups and directory websites can greatly increase name recognition and educate people about your business
  8. Course or Coaching Demo
  9. Contest
  10. Direct mail
  11. Donate free courses or services to a charitable event
  12. Email marketing – Increase lead generation and customer engagement
  13. Email List building
  14. Exhibitions
  15. Face to Face Networking
  16. Fax marketing
  17. Flyers and handouts – to give away at events and to display in your training rooms
  18. Free offers
  19. Interviews
  20. Knocking on doors
  21. Leaflet drops
  22. Newsletter
  23. Posters
  24. Press advertising
  25. Press Releases
  26. Public speaking
  27. Offer a discount card for repeat purchases
  28. Offer a free, no obligation consultation
  29. Quizzes
  30. Recommendations posted on LinkedIn or your website- Satisfied clients can be a business’s best marketing tool. Actively engage pre-existing clients through PR, social media and email.
  31. Reseller’s people who will generate lead for you in return for a commission on sales.
  32. Signs – magnetic for your car or local windows
  33. Stationery – business card, email footer, invoice, course material all branded the same with your contact, phone, website details clearly on them
  34. Tele-sales/marketing
  35. Follow up calls or emails
  36. Cold calling
  37. Customer service calls to existing clients
  38. Testimonials
  39. TV & Radio
  40. Website – Make Sure Your Site is Accessible to Mobile Users
  41. Website link building
  42. Social media to both demonstrate expertise in a subject and to share your content
  43. Facebook, page groups and ads
  44. Google+, maps, business, ppc advertising
  45. LinkedIn profile, company page, groups articles
  46. Pinterest
  47. Twitter
  48. YouTube – use videos
  49. Instagram


  1. Sell your courses on course promoting websites
  2. Promote your services on People per hour
  3. Ask for Word of mouth referrals (forums/groups)

What other ideas would you add to this list?

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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