10 Ways to Follow Up After Training

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10 Ways to Follow Up After Training

Research suggests, and we all know just from our own experience that, after attending a training course, most people will forget a lot of what was covered once they get back to work and everyday life takes over. So what are the 10 Ways to Follow Up After Training lets find out.

So how can you follow up all the good work you did on and help people to retain, and apply, more of what they learned?

If the learners all work for the same organisation, the best way to follow up is for the organisation to have specific procedures in place to support the learning. For example, they could make sure that people returning from training courses have meetings with line managers and others to discuss how to implement what they have learned and how to plan the type of work they do to give them opportunities to develop further.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. And you may be delivering training to people from different organisations or who are self-employed. So what can you suggest, as the trainer, to help your learners make the most of their learning?

Here are 10 Ways to Follow Up After Training

  1. Send people regular reminders by email in the days and weeks following the training, including tips, quizzes and short articles.
  1. Take photographs of people on the course, and of the visual aids they make, and send them out or post them on a website as reminders.
  1. Get people to write down one or two key action points during the course, then post these to them a few days later (they could write them on a postcard).
  1. Use social media – set up a Facebook page or a LinkedIn group or forum for people who have attended the course so they can report progress and share ideas.
  1. Get people to make short video clips on the course, maybe just sharing one key point at the end, then make these available later on YouTube or some other site. These don’t have to be professional quality, just use a simple camera or phone.
  1. Get people to pair up and report to commit to reporting to each other after the course to check progress and support each other.
  1. Use audio – create short audio clips or podcasts which people can access later or get them to create their own.
  1. Have a conference call or webinar so people can get together and ask questions and report back.
  1. If people live locally, or work in the same place, arrange to meet for lunch to discuss what has happened since the course.
  1. Get people to create a poster of key learning points during the course which they can stick up near their workspace. Ask them to take a photo of it in place afterwards and send these round to the others.

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