10 things to send delegates before a training event

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Allan shares 10 things to send delegates before a training event, It’s critically important, before any training event, to get learners in a positive and receptive state for learning.

There is so much you can do before people ever turn up for a training session to deal with any potential anxiety, doubt or resistance which could get in the way of the learning. This will make a huge difference to the way people respond to the training and to the value they get from it.

Unfortunately, many organisations and individual trainers fail to put enough effort into this. They tend to send out minimal information about the training, often just a boring set of “Joining Instructions” with a bare outline of the course.

Not very inspiring!

Here are just 10 things you could send delegates before a training event to help make it more successful.

1. An outline of the course (with an interesting name) showing the key topics to be covered, stressing what people will learn and the benefits they will get from it.

2. Information about yourself, including a picture, contact details, background about who you are and some information which makes you sound like a friendly, approachable yet professional human being.

3. A puzzle or brain teaser related to the topic to make them curious.

4. Some questions about the topic to make them think and to get their interest.

5. A link to a webpage with a video or audio clip about the training or the topic, perhaps with testimonials from other people who have attended it.

6. A cartoon which relates to the topic.

7. All relevant logistical information, e.g. venue, date, timing, parking arrangements, travel.

8. A list of who will be attending so they know who else will be there.

9. A brief questionnaire to find out more about them and what they need to get from the training to make it worthwhile.

10. A short task related to the training to connect it to their real working lives, e.g. a time journal or a few questions to ask people they work with so they can discuss the answers when they come.

There are two key things here:

1. Don’t give people too much to do or it will seem onerous and put them off. So choose one or two from questionnaires, tasks, etc. Don’t ask them to do everything.

2. Make all your materials and information colourful, bright and interesting so they will assume that the training itself will be like that as well.

A few simple steps could make all the difference to people’s expectations of the training and their motivation to learn when they arrive.

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Guest blogger – Allan Matthews is an experienced Trainer and Coach. Whether you’re a business presenter, a conference speaker or a trainer, I’ll help you be more engaging and memorable – and get better results! Hope you enjoyed his 10 things to send delegates before a training event blog today…

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